nieves mingueza
*Project. Title: Cécile Let me introduce one of my latest photo series. It is called 'Cecile'. It is a set of six pictures taken in an abandoned train station, in a place close to the city where I live. The place is absolutely cinematographic... We arrived there during a very cold afternoon in january, with four degrees below cero, and my hands on the camera were almost paralized because of the cold. In this session, I could count on two good friends: Migue helped me with the production and Natalia is the model who appears in the pictures. During the ride, driving towards the "Phantom Station", we listened to songs by Cecilia, a 70's spanish singer, and that is the origins of the title. Once I finished the project and with all the pictures on my hands, I guess that the destiny I desire for them is to illustrate a music album...cover, inside booklet and back...*