Eva Casanueva
Encuentro que el glitter es una cosa muy femenina. Como los pussys

nigepubi26 Vie, 16/10/2015 - 11:43

28.02.2012 3:41 pm Hey Mark,I am trying to get your cseontt out there, I did a blog repost of it, I twittered it, I posted it on facebook, and I goggle plused it I also follow you on twitter, facebook, and I follow Krylon crafts on facebook. Oh and I follow this blog lol. I've never done many spray paint projects except a few science fairs and once I sprayed protector on some jewelry boxes I made my aunts. But I've been wanting to make a few things around the house. A fence that needs some color, maybe some furniture, add new life to some walls and old things. Would love the chance to get to try them out. Also would love your book with ideas. I am addicted to crafting.